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About Equator Capital Limited

Equator Capital Limited was incorporated in May 2005 and commenced operations in July 2006. The company arose from the logical outcome of challenges in the Nigerian economy in general and the financial services industry in particular. As Nigeria moves towards global best practices in the management of financial services industry, a lot of attention will focus on the lower end of the market in order to ensure proper financial intermediation. Equator Capital aims at occupying this space in the financial services industry through the articulation and delivery of products that will elevate the quality of services delivered by non-bank financial institutions in the country to global standards.

We are an integrated financial services company, wholly owned by Nigerian professionals of varied backgrounds who have over the years demonstrated uncompromising commitment to high ethical standards. We have a strong financial base in terms capitalization and shareholders fund that is in excess of industry regulatory requirement. This provides us with a comfortable pedestal to play key role in the industry by offering investment banking and asset management services.

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