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Career at Equator Capital Limited

The essence of Nomura's CSR is contributing to global society through our core business from a client-focused standpoint
Kenichi Watanabe
Group CEO
Nomura Holdings, Inc.

Equator Capital Limited is an integrated financial services company that promotes excellence in the choice of people that work in the company. We pride ourselves with being one of the best companies in the industry with an exceptional human capital development programme.

We are a multi disciplinary, multi product company that seeks individuals who are able to demonstrate their God given skills in an intellectually stimulating environment. To qualify for an entry level position, a typical Equator Capital person will be expected to have the following attributes:

  • A very good first degree from a top rate university (preferably 2.1)

  • Not more than 26 years old

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

  • Must be a great team player who at all times demonstrates the ability to lead and participate
    in team activities

  • Must be willing to work with little or no supervision

  • Must demonstrate initiative, even broad mindedness and should be able to approach problems from holistic perspective. In order words, must have a strong problem solving skills

If you possess these attributes and believe that you can contribute to ECL edge, feel free to submit your CV. Your CV must be accompanied with a one page personal statement.
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