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Complaints Procedures

Complaints Management:
To our customers, we want you to know that you are our greatest assets. We need you to be in business and to achieve our corporate goals. The understanding that we are the bridge between you and the various companies in whose shares you have invested prompts the need for continuous engagement and effective and efficient relationship management. To this end, there is a need on our part, not just to comply with regulatory requirements but also to ensure your satisfaction, to develop and make available to you, the approach or channel to follow in the event of dissatisfaction with any aspect of our operations. We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction within the confines of the laws regulating our operations.

Please note the following:

ECL ASSET MANAGEMENT LIMITED shall not at any time encourage substandard service to our esteemed customers as such, shall ensure that customers at our offices are given respectful treatment and their needs attended to timely. It shall be our duty at all times to ensure that our customers are carried along in all transactions we are processing for them.

ECL ASSET MANAGEMENT LIMITED shall assist our customers to achieve their individual objectives like account opening, certificate verification change of address, e-dividend mandate submission etc by taking out time to provide explanation where necessary to enable our client understand the roles they need to play to assist us serve them well.

shall in recognition of the fact that quality service to customers is a function of adequate training ensure that our employees are adequately trained on customer management so as to ensure smooth relationship at all levels with our customer.
ECL ASSET MANAGEMENT LIMITED shall in recognition of the fact that disputes are almost unavoidable in the course of business relationship, strictly adhere to the Complaints Management Framework of the Securities and Exchange Commission in ensuring total compliance with dispute resolution directives.

All our current and potential customers are therefore advised to follow the channels below in not just registering their complaints but also getting them resolved.

  1. Send a written complaint to the complaints management committee of ECL Asset Management Limited.
  2. The complaints must clearly show the following:
  3. Name
  4. GSM Number
  5. E-mail address
  6. Signature of the complainant
  7. Date.
  8. Nature of complaint with adequate details.

Please note that where verbal approach to complaint is chosen by any of our clients, it will also be treated same way as a written complaint.

  1. Ensure that your written complaint is duly acknowledged before leaving our office or representative office.
  2. For complaints sent through electronic means, we shall respond within the specified period of two (2) days and for written posted complaints, we shall respond within five (5) days.
  3. Attend a meeting with our dispute/ complaint management committee when fixed to resolve the issue. This is expected to be done within ten (10) days. Where telephone conversation is considered adequate to resolve an issue, it would be adopted.
  4. Please note that both parties – ECL Asset Management Limited and any of our clients must sign resolution reached on any issue (where it is accepted by our client).
  5. Where resolution is rejected by our client, we shall within two days report the issue to the relevant authority with necessary documentary details. Our clients can on their own report to The Nigerian Stock Exchange in the event of dissatisfaction with resolution reached on any issue.

We expect that this approach will help reduce misunderstanding and enhance our relationship with our customers.

Thank you,


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