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Money Market Products

Equator High Yield Account [EHA]
Targeted at High Networth Individuals (HNI); with a minimum investment of N3,000,000.00 you are guaranteed a negotiated return of between 12% - 16% per annum and qualify for our private banking programme if your investment is in the region of N5 million and above.

Equator Capital Account [ECA]
This account appeals to the medium income earner who is conscious of building a wealth profile with adequate returns. Minimum opening balance - N1,000,000.

Equator General Account [EGA]
Your regular savings account designed for the lower end of the market. Minimum Opening – N100,000. An attractive interest rate on this account guarantees you a good return on investment.

Equator Purpose Account [EPA]
This provides you with a target savings programme that enables you to plan and save towards a project, holiday, marriage, education, household equipment acquisition, festival, etc. Open an account with only 10% of the estimated cost of the project and a regular deposit of fixed amount over the period, Equator Capital guarantees you a return of 12% of target amount.

This product particularly appeals to individuals who are desirous of investing in the capital market but could not meet up with the minimum opening transaction balance required for a regular brokerage account. The customer uses a purpose account to build up funds while earning competitive interest.

Equator Private Banking
We render personalized financial services to discerning clients. We manage your investment portfolio, pay your bills and offer custodian services amongst others.


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