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Share Transmission

Not surprising, the investment culture in Nigeria is not entirely new.

The Nigerian Stock Exchange was established in 1961 and as would be expected, we have equity investments that span two or three generations in some families.

However due to the general apathy shown towards investments, share certificates and dividend warrants of deceased family members are never given the appropriate attention. This explains why large incidence of unclaimed dividends is rampant in the Nigerian Capital Market.

At ECL Asset Management Limited, we have set up a share transmission unit to ensure that investments of previous generations are secured and protected. Beyond just protecting your investments we also offer you our portfolio management service to ensure that in meeting your investment objectives we maximize the returns on the estate.

We believe that the future is pregnant with a lot of opportunities in the capital market. The Nigerian Capital market has played a major supportive role to the myriads of reforms in the Nigerian economy.

The recent consolidation programs by banks, insurance companies, and other sectors of the economy has increased the awareness of the importance of investments in equities as a veritable means of improving investors networth.

ECL Asset Management would help you to meet your investment objectives in a highly professional manner.

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